Local Food Markets

Last Updated March 30, 2012.

Rincon Market:
Obviously very close, and expensive. Difficult to get special orders (unless you talk to the owner). Some front-line employees are fantastic. Managers seem indifferent. Dairy products can be bad, but they take them back without question. Gallon of milk is $5.17.

Walgreens, Mission & Spear:
Close and they have many food items. Two half-gallons of milk are now $4.98. (They had been as low as $3.40 recently but went up almost 50%. Walgreens obviously plays games with prices.)

Safeway, 145 Jackson Street:
Difficult to park, but it's only a .6-mile walk (13 mins). Gallon of milk is $3.75.

Whole Foods, 399 4th Street:
1.1 miles, 21 minute walk. The chain is rated fairly high (#12 out of 52) by Consumer Reports. High prices kept its rating down.

Safeway, 4th & King streets:
Validated parking. 1.3 miles away. Gallon of milk can be as low as $3.15.

Trader Joe's, 555 9th Street:
2 miles, free parking. The chain is rated very high by Consumer Reports (#2 out of 52), but we find the lines to be long.

Rainbow Grocery Cooperative, 1745 Folsom St:
Around since 1975. One longtime Rincon tenant calls it "the best market anywhere for so many things." They have three parking lots and validate -- see link for location and parking information.

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