Tenant Amenities

Rincon Center does not have many of the amenities standard at most new apartment complexes. Even when management was spiking rents through the roof, nothing was done to improve the quality of life at Rincon.

Many of the apartments are small--some motel room size (300 square feet). The kitchens and bathrooms are very basic--many with 15-year-old appliances. None of the apartments have washers and dryers. Management stopped paying for cable-TV. There is no doorman or concierge, as originally planned.

There are no fitness facilities of any kind. There is no pool and not even a place to work out. Residents must join fitness clubs. There is no meeting room for tenants to get together or socialize. Most new apartment complexes provide these facilities.

Rincon's location near the San Francisco waterfront does provide wonderful opportunities for tenants to rollerblade, bike and run. Unfortunately, Rincon management even makes some of these activities difficult by rigidly prohibiting bikes, and even skates, in the residential lobby--even though these have caused no known problems.

Other apartment buildings in the area are more accomodating.

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