Embarcadero Billboards

Last Updated June 18, 2000

One of the biggest concerns residents had about the Embarcadero's makeover was that billboards would return. While the freestanding ones appear to be gone, the city has allowed the giant new vinyl ones to go up, even in the new plaza in front of the Ferry Building. Click on any of the pictures to see a larger version.

[Ferry Plaza Billboard]

Apple Computer Billboards:

[Ferry Plaza Billboards]

Apple Computer Corporation draped these two giant billboards at the southern end of the new plaza in front of the Ferry Building. They are directly over the historic and beautiful Audiffred Building. They are visible for a mile along the new Embarcadero.

GAP Billboard:

In what may be one of the worst examples of billboard abuse, the Gap hung a six-story-high billboard next to their new headquarters building. It is clearly visible from the Embarcadero and the new Rincon Park. It is floodlit at night and updated regularly.

[Gap Billboard] [Gap Billboard] [Gap Billboard]

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