Cruise Terminal Development

Last Updated September 30, 2000

The cruise terminal project is a 15-acre multi-use development. The actual terminal building, which is 100 feet high at the water, has the big white molded plastic look. It is designed to accommodate two "mega-ships" and up to 14,000 passengers a day. The rest of the development spans both sides of the Embarcadero. It includes lots of shops, time-share apartments, office buildings, and a hotel. Strangely, the shops hug a lagoon facing south and views of the city are not maximized. Again, like other big developments on the Embarcadero, it is very big for its location, blocks views of the Bay, will tax city services, and seems out of character with the waterfront.

Three Views of the Development:

1) Vertigo View, 2) Aerial Perspective, 3) Emphasis on Shopping (Click on any for a larger image.)

1[Cruise Terminal] 2[Terminal Perspective] 3[Shopping]

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