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[75 Howard Street]
Twenty years after the removal of the Embarcadero Freeway, planners still cannot resist building barriers between the city and the bay. The latest brick in the wall (left) is a luxury condo high-rise planned for 75 Howard Street (link at right). This would tower over neighboring buildings and be nearly as tall as one of the One Market Plaza monstrosities.

Over 20 projects are changing the Embarcadero from one end to the other. It concerns residents that some of these projects, particularly those with links listed to the right, 1) are very big for their locations, 2) block views of the Bay, 3) tax city services, and 4) are out of character with the waterfront. While many serve a desired purpose, such as the ballpark and cruise terminal, the cumulative effect of all these projects does not seem to have been planned for.

The word "mega" is attached to many. For example, two "mega-restaurants" ('Chronicle' description) dominate Rincon Park, which was originally supposed to have only one eatery. Even the billboards and works of art are now five or six stories high.

[Hotel Vitale]

Many areas of government are involved with these projects, but none are involved with all of them, and there is a serious lack of coordination. For example, while the Port is constructing new slips for the growing fleet of ferryboats, Muni and the Planning Department eliminated the city's historic transit terminal designed to greet passengers directly across the street from the docks (see Motel Muni). No one at City Hall or in the media seems to have the big picture.

The Rincon Point Neighbors Association is tracking these projects, particularly those listed to the right. The organization is not anti-development and has only opposed a few of the projects.

The links to the right will provide more information and views of the projects and indicate when citizen action is required.

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