Local Food Markets

Last Updated July 25, 2020.

Rincon Market (Closed):
Closed in July. This is an example of a business taking local residents for granted. High prices and mixed service kept many Rincon residents from shopping there anyway. (July 2020)

Walgreens, Mission & Spear:
Close by and they have many food items. With the closure of Rincon Market, it is suggested that Rincon residents scan the food aisles at Walgreens. If you haven't done so recently, you may find more is available there than you realized. It's also cheaper.

Safeway, 145 Jackson Street:
Avoid this store. A resident reports being denied access because he was wearing a small backpack. Very hostile situation. Assistant manager repeatedly cited the Mayor's directives concerning the virus, but this was completely false. There was never any city prohibition on wearing backpacks in stores, and the grocery employees national union never sought one either. Safeway has never explained their manager's irrational behavior. It is unknown how many customers were turned away, and for how long. Are they still doing this?

Woodland's Market, 203 Folsom Street:
Newest market in the area. Extremely expensive.

Whole Foods, 399 4th Street:
1.1 miles, 21 minute walk. The chain is rated fairly high (#12 out of 52) by Consumer Reports. High prices kept its rating down.

Safeway, 4th & King streets:
Validated parking. 1.3 miles away. Gallon of milk can be as low as $3.15.

Trader Joe's, 555 9th Street:
2 miles, free parking. The chain is rated very high by Consumer Reports (#2 out of 52), but we find the lines to be long.

Rainbow Grocery Cooperative, 1745 Folsom St:
Around since 1975. One longtime Rincon tenant calls it "the best market anywhere for so many things." They have three parking lots and validate -- see link for location and parking information.

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