Rincon Center Security
Last Updated July 4, 2008.

The Tenants Association has put the spotlight on security shortcomings over the past few years. Fortunately, improvements have been made. Problems such as homeless people camping in the stairwells have been resolved, as far as we know. The guards make more regular checks of the commercial areas at least.

Generally, the apartments seem fairly secure. We are not aware of any burglary or theft caused by outsiders. Most problems seem to be caused by short-term corporate tenants bringing trouble back to their apartments with them.

The new door locks do make it easier for tenants to leave their doors unlocked. We hope this will be resolved by management.

Recent changes are a mixed bag. The concierges in the lobby obviously help monitor and screen individuals coming into the lobby. However, the front doors are now left unlocked most of the day. If the concierge steps away for a moment, anyone could come in the building and be upstairs in a minute.

Tenants are asked to monitor security and report any problems to management and the Tenants Association.

It would seem to be important that Rincon management recognize, and strive to keep, good security personnel. The longer they stay, the better they get to know tenants and recognize things that are out of place.

Bikes have been stolen occasionally from the garage. Management promised several years ago to provide tenants with enclosed bike lockers. Please advise the tenants association by e-mail if you have, or have had, a problem with your bike at Rincon. We recommend using two locks when your bike is stored in the garage. Tenants should know how risky it is to leave their bikes there, but management does not share this information.

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